Q&A with Humber School for Writers : May 2019

Joan Barfoot was a fabulous mentor to me. Encouraging and warm, but blunt when I was waffling or wasn’t giving enough. Her confidence in my work, even when I thought it wasn’t going well, helped me develop momentum for the project. Through my relationship with her, I learned to really trust my reader and to aim for an intelligent balance between saying enough and leaving enough space for the reader to think things through. Even in that early draft, I was writing for a reader.

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The Cardiff Review: New Welsh Writers : January 2019 

I have a lot to thank Wales for. When I moved to Cardiff from Edinburgh, three and a half years ago, I knew I was going to write a novel. The time and the conditions were right. In Edinburgh, I could always distract myself by ringing up the neighbours and heading out to a café to drink coffee and knit, but I didn’t have that luxury in a new place so there was nothing to do but write. Being in a new place gave me the energy and the focus for a new project. 

But Wales also gave me community. Because the city was new to me and I was new there, I needed to be intentional about finding like-minded people.

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Leslie Tate – Filling in the Gaps: April 2019

How is always a tricky question. There isn’t a recipe. But I try to pay attention and sometimes when I do, I catch a glimpse of the more-than-this. And sometimes it surprises me, interrupting whatever “useful” thoughts I’m trying to follow.

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