Review in Pickle Me This – Kerry Clare : June 2020

“The strange ways that the three narratives fit together, the inherent mystery in the text, that the answers never turned out to be what I thought they were going to be. For a story so entrenched in the domestic, it’s really not conventional in the slightest.”

49th Shelf Launchpad : May 2020

The Elevator Pitch. Tell us about your book in a sentence:  A young woman inherits her grandmother’s house, only to find a wild goose living in the kitchen.

Review in Created to Read – Rachel Carney : June 2019

“This is one of those books that lingers in your mind, that makes you want to go out to the coast and feel the wind in your hair…”

Q&A with Humber School for Writers : May 2019

“Joan Barfoot was a fabulous mentor to me. Encouraging and warm, but blunt when I was waffling or wasn’t giving enough… Even in that early draft, I was writing for a reader.”

Review and Chat with Sarah Tinsley

“It’s a gorgeously written book that is all-encompassing in its creation of people and places. “

Review in the Cardiff Review: April 2019

“Munnik frequently works through implication and indirection, revealing and concealing, creating a beguiling and accomplished novel.”

Leslie Tate – Filling in the Gaps: April 2019

How is always a tricky question. There isn’t a recipe. But I try to pay attention and sometimes when I do, I catch a glimpse of the more-than-this. And sometimes it surprises me…

The Cardiff Review: New Welsh Writers Profile : January 2019 

I have a lot to thank Wales for. Being in a new place gave me the energy and the focus for a new project. But Wales also gave me community. Because the city was new to me and I was new there, I needed to be intentional about finding like-minded people.