The Cardiff Review: New Welsh Writers : January 2019 

I have a lot to thank Wales for. When I moved to Cardiff from Edinburgh, three and a half years ago, I knew I was going to write a novel. The time and the conditions were right. In Edinburgh, I could always distract myself by ringing up the neighbours and heading out to a café to drink coffee and knit, but I didn’t have that luxury in a new place so there was nothing to do but write. Being in a new place gave me the energy and the focus for a new project. 

But Wales also gave me community. Because the city was new to me and I was new there, I needed to be intentional about finding like-minded people.

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Leslie Tate – Filling in the Gaps: April 2019

How is always a tricky question. There isn’t a recipe. But I try to pay attention and sometimes when I do, I catch a glimpse of the more-than-this. And sometimes it surprises me, interrupting whatever “useful” thoughts I’m trying to follow.

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